Monday, November 28, 2016

The Language of Light

No matter what photographic endeavors’ you pursue you need to have a good grasp on light.
We use it to create our images, set the tone and feeling, and tell a story.
1. Quantity
The intensity of light can also be referred to as quantity of light. It refers to the amount or strength of light.
2. Quality
The quality of light is something we describe based upon our visual perception. Light is either soft or hard.
 Soft light creates smooth, gradual transitions from light to dark without strong shadows.
Hard light is harsh, directional, and casts strong shadows and bright highlights.
As a general rule, the bigger the light source in relation to your subject, the softer the light is. Moving that light source closer to the subject, will also help soften the light.
3. Color Temperature
You need to have a basic understanding of color temperature and white balance. These elements can have a large impact on your photograph.
Color is  dependent  on the type of lighting you are using for your subject. it can  cause undesirable color casting in your shots. Color temperatures are measured with the Kelvin scale and range from roughly 1000K on the warm, red end to 10,000K on the cool, blue end of the scale. As a point of reference, daylight and electronic flash fall into the 5000 to 5500°K range; tungsten/incandescent bulbs are rated at about 2500°K to 2800°K.
4. Direction
Direction is simply where  the light appears to be coming from. Controlling this is easy in a studio setting. All you need to do is move your key light (main light) into a position that creates the look you want.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Welcome to Table Top Photography.

This is a project I have been thinking about doing on table top photography for sometime.
So here it is.

I will cover numerous topics, starting with the basics.
Lighting and equipment concerns. Discussion on what is needed for a working area. Some thoughts on for choosing subjects.
How to come up with great ideas and themes for your images.   

as time goes on I will talk on specific things, shooting food, glassware, shiny objects as well as some other fun things you can do.

So stay tuned. My plan is to post at least once a month, but at times maybe more.


I hope people find this a useful resource.


Michael Mitchell